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Blackford Ancestors

We have to start somewhere so we'll start with the Blackfords since I seem to be deep in the middle of them the last few days. What I'll do first is just sketch out the tree as I've found it. I want to reference the fact that I belong to (which I highly recommend) and the first seven generations named are from it. The names listed there (on can sometimes be incorrect because individual persons enter names into the system. Starting with William Carl Blackford, however, I feel very sure of the accuracy because I've seen the pictures of the censuses online.

Generation 1
John Blackford - only information: Born in England

Generation 2
Nicholas Blackford - Born Dec. 27, 1587, Devonshire, England
D. Piscataway, N.J. aft. 1640
wife - Born in England, D. in Piscataway, N.J. aft. 1640
Married in England, 1637

Generation 3
Samuel Blackford - Born 1640, Piscataway, Middlesex, N.J.
Died Feb. 12, 1711/1712, Piscataway, Middlesex, N.J.
wife Hannah (Anna) Smalley - B. June 14, 1641
Another source says his wife's name was Anna Mundy B. 26 Oct. 1676 in Woodbridge, Middlesex, N.J. but it lists the same children as those listed under Hannah. Her last child was born in 1691 so she died some time after that. It's hard to know if they are the same woman or if there is a mistake at this point in the recordings. For sure, two women didn't have the same children.

Generation 4
Daniel Blackford - B. 1677, Piscataway, Middlesex, N.J.
D. 1747, Somerset, N.J.
wife -Ruth Hull - B. March 3, 1682, Piscataway, Middlesex, N.J.
D. Piscataway, Middlesex, N.J.
Married Jan. 25, 1702
Generation 4
A different family tree of Blackfords says here at Generation 4, the name should be John Blackford married to a Ruth B. 1682. Both trees agree the next name up was Samuel and the next name down was John.

Generation 5
John Blackford - B. Feb. 7, 1712, Piscataway, Middlesex, N.J.
D. July 26, 1786 in Essex, N.J.
wife- Hannah Martin - B. Mar. 29, 1718, MIddlesex, N.J.
D. May 21, 1784 in Essex, N.J.
Married 1740 in Woodbridge, Middlesex, N.J.

Generation 6
Nathaniel Blackford - B. 1760 in Piscataway, Middlesex, N.J.
D. July 18, 1815 in Bowling Green, KY
wife Mary Mackneel(also spelled McNeil other places)-
B. Jan. 6, 1772, in Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ.
D. 1826 in White Co., Illinois
Married December 18, 1786

Generation 7
James McNeal Blackford - B. April 17, 1801, in Waren County, Kentucky
D. July 20, 1867 in Lake Fork, Logan Co., Illinois
wife-Rebecca Huston - B. Nov. 17, 1807 in Ohio, KY
D. October 5, 1870 at Lake Fork, Logan Co., Illinois
Married Rebecca Huston in January 1826

Generation 8
William Carl Blackford - B. March 14, 1834, in White Co., Illinois
D. 1905 in King, Johnson Co., AR
1st Wife
Tabitha Williams Blackford
Born: 5 May 1840 in IL, Died: 16 Sep 1863 in Logan, IL
Married in 1858
2nd Wife
Martha Jane Williams McCracken Willey Blackford
B. 1834, D. September 15, 1884 in King Township, Johnson Co., AR
Married in 1867 in Wayne, IL
3rd Wife
Mary E. Allen
B. 1844, D. 1885
Married Dec. 17, 1885, Johnson Co., AR
Dates of Marriage & death seem questionable

Generation 9
Nathaniel Thomas Blackford
B. July 1869 in Mt. Erie, Wayne Co., IL
D. August 6, 1936 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas
1st Wife
Nettie Mae West Smith
B. October, 1873 in AK
D. in Jackson MS
Married: Sept. 2, 1891
2nd Wife

Generation 10
Jessie Smith Blackford
B. July 5, 1892 in Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co., AK
D. February 29, 1976 in Clyde, TX
Wife - Minnie Lee Jones
B. November 01, 1890 in Gorman, Eastland Co., TX, Buried in Baird, TX
D. August 8, 1961 in Abilene, TX, Buried in Baird, TX
Married July 27, 1910 in Vincent, Howard Co., TX

Generation 11
Children of Minnie Lee and Jessie Smith Blackford
Baby Girl Blackford - Born 1911 -Died at birth
Raymond Blackford - Born Aug. 1912 - D. - Sept. 20, 1993
Chester Howard - Born 1914 - D. Nov. 6, 1999
Clarence Armon - Born 1916 - Deceased
Daughter - Living
Jessie Alvin - 1921 - Deceased
Daughter - Living
Arthur Doyle - 1925 - Deceased
Son - Living
Son - Living

This accounting will stop at Generation 11 for now. From here, we'll bring information to attempt to make these family members, their lives and times more three dimensional to those of us who are still here. Hopefully by having outlined these generations, you will be able to "get your bearings" regarding the pictures that will be posted next.


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Thanks Nancy! I finally am getting a feel for Blackfords. Minnie Lee and Maggie being sisters already relating to me and then William Blackford marrying Martha Jane can get confusing. This is just an all around great site. Bravo (or Brava)for Nancy!


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